Top 10 Wines From Around the World

It’s crucial for lovers of wine to experiment with new wine varieties to broaden their palette. Coravin’s store offers a broad selection of wines at every cost point, from different regions across the globe.

Each person’s palate is unique The most obvious sign of this is in the area of your tongue. It will feel sensation of tingling.

1. Chateau Lafite

Chateau Lafite is among the top wines around the world. It has a silky structure and flavors of blackcurrants and leather. It also has cigar boxes and tobacco.

This wine is made from Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. It’s a ripe nose that is reminiscent of blackcurrant, cigar box and some plum.

Its elegant and delicate aroma of cedar are perfect to drink on its own or in conjunction with food. It’s a wine that will mature beautifully through time! It will be able to develop gorgeous secondary and third-party characteristics. This is a wine that will last forever!

2. Bodega Norton Malbec

The mocha-like chocolate is nice and sweet spices add flattering complexity to a juicy bright fruit center, surrounded by fine-grained tannins. The terroir in Lujan de Cuyo is a great way to enhance the traditional Malbec flavor.

Established in 1895, Bodega Norton is one of the most-awarded Argentine wines in the world. Their focus on excellence has won them over 150 wine awards around the world till date.

Malbec is a favorite in Mendoza’s hot dry climate. This varietal often pairs best when served with steaks and other barbecued meats.

3. Vina Ventisquero Carmenere

Originally from Bordeaux in France, this unique wine almost went extinct during the phylloxera outbreak in 1857 but found a new base in Chile. It now has a distinct succulent plumpness, with a herbaceous flavor.

The deep maroon wine has an intense cherry hue and it is full of black and red fruits like blueberries, blackberries, and blackcurrants. contains hot notes and aromas of tobacco, chocolate and vanilla. Its delicious structure and wellbalanced body are complemented by smooth tannins with a crisp and elegant end.

The wine is made of grapes grown in Robleria Vineyard. It’s located in Apalta Valley (Colchagua), which is a high-altitude vineyard of 500 meters with alluvial soil. This wine was aged for ten months inside French oak barrels. The wine was aged 34% of them initial use and 66% of them 3rd and 4th-use.

4. Bodega Valdepeas Malbec

Malbec is a dark-colored variety of grape likes growing at high elevations, with plenty of sunlight and cool nights. The versatile Malbec grape produces many different wines which range from light-bodied to rich.

Aromas of fig and Mission fig with a touch of marjoram crumbles lead to a smooth palate of red cherry and red plum fruit with a touch of tobacco. The oak aging enhances the intensity of this red wine. It is a full-bodied, silky wine with a satisfying finish. This is an excellent wine for an easy dinner.

5. Giacomo Conterno Nebbiolo

The wine is an outstanding Nebbiolo example that showcases its sophistication and grace. Its excellent terroir from the Cerretta vineyard is a major factor in its unique character and expressiveness.

Roberto is taking on the ancestral traditions of the property of his family by creating wines that are the “traditional Barolo”. The 2018 Barolo Francia wine is dark and intense with a remarkable quality of the wine.

Roberto made the decision to bottle his single-vineyard wine instead of the well-known Monfortino.

6. Giacomo Conterno Rosso

Giacomo conterno, one of Piemonte’s best-known winemakers produces powerful and complex wines. Their Barolo Riserva ‘Monfortino’ is renowned throughout the world.

The first winery was established in 1908, after Giovanni Conterno started a wine bar and sold excess wines in barrels. The legendary Monfortino Barolo was first bottled either in 1912 or around 1920.

Roberto Conterno, the owner of the winery in Serralunga d’Alba today, has acquired the famous Ceretta Vineyard. The wines that are coming out of the Ceretta vineyard are timeless and powerful.

7. Giacomo Conterno Cabernet Sauvignon

Giacomo Conterno is regarded by many as Piedmont’s most traditional producer. Giovanni Conterno dedicated his winery following World War I to produce wines that would benefit from slow ageing.

Roberto Conterno is carrying on the family tradition, with his self-styled Barolo that is world-renowned in addition to pure and unadulterated Barbera. He will save grapes in exceptional seasons from the famed Cascina Francia to produce a Riserva that is known as Monfortino.

This year’s Barolo Francia is a powerful wine of incredible depth and width. The flavors of tobacco, mint, sage and cedar complement a core of dark fruits in this rich and delicious wine.

8. Giacomo Conterno Cabernet Franc

The wine is lavish and features spring flowers, graphite, crem de cassis, as well as kirsch. It is a great rendition of the legendary Bordeaux grape with fantastic aging capability.

Roberto Conterno has inherited the name for his grandfather Giovanni as being one of Piemonte’s top winemakers. He is a master of classic wines that are incredibly rich, profound, and that can last for years in the bottle.

He has also taken on modern winestyling practices, like the more efficient sorting, and softer destemming. He’s even collaborated together with cork producers to devise a system that allows his machine to detect the taint of cork.

9. Giacomo Conterno Merlot

Like many other cult winemakers, the wines of Giacomo conterno are sought after for their ability to age slowly and the subtle flavours. The wine comes from Arione Vineyard, which is part the Cascina Francia historic vineyard in Serralunga d’Alba.

Roberto is committed to the tradition-based Barolo production which includes long period of maceration, and the aging process in huge Slavonian oak barrels. Roberto has also taken special care to choose grapes from specific vineyards located within the town of Monforte d’Alba. The devotion of individual vineyards to the value of Terroir.

10. Giacomo Conterno Cabernet Sauvignon Blanc

Giacomo Conterno, one of the oldest of Piedmont’s producers is a prime illustration. Conterno is known as a maker of earthy, powerful, superbly long-lived Nebbiolo wines from his vineyard in Monforte d’Alba.

Roberto decided to gamble on his 2014 vintage, which was widely criticized by his contemporaries and turned into a magnificent Barolo. It is a product of Roberto’s Francia vineyard, and his Arione Cru in the South.

Deep and powerful, it displays an imposing character with subtle hints of austerity. Perfumed violets, freesia and tobacco aromas combine with the oak spice flavours.

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