Blade2 2002

Blade2 Blade is on the lookout for Abraham Whistler’s mentor in Prague. He was believed to be dead, after having been murdered and beaten by Deacon Frost. Blade was assaulted and killed by Deacon Frost was thought to be dead. He is a fan of hip-hop.

Blade suffers an injury to an explosive inside his head after a epidemic that transformed vampires into “Reapers”.

They learn that Reapers have immunity to many vampire weaknesses as they investigate the vampire group. Jared Nomak is the head of the Reapers, and he holds Nyssa hostage. He attempts to get Blade for his cause by the fact that they share a dislike for vampires. Priest is bitten and mercy-killed, and Lighthammer is bit however, he conceals the bite. Whistler disappears as does Scud is attacked with several Reapers. They escape using ultraviolet lamps. Blade defeats Nomak who is immune to Blade’s weapons. When the sun rises, Nomak retreats and Whistler comes back, and reveals that his discovery of the Reaper nest in the sewer. Nyssa looks at the bodies of the Reaper and finds that their bodies are lined with bone, which is tough. Conscient of the fact the fact that UV radiation is their primary weakness, Scud and Whistler make UV weapons for the team , in addition to a UV-emitting weapon that is powerful enough to take out the entire nest.

In the Reaper nest, the group spreads out. Lighthammer transforms into the form of Reaper. Reaper and kills Snowman. Verlaine sacrifices her life to help Lighthammer. Chupa and Reinhardt can attack Whistler. Reinhardt sprays Chupa with a Reaper Phenomine. However, the crowd escapes and Nyssa is left severely injured. Blade allows Nyssa his blood to enable him to remain alive.

Damaskinos’ forces capture Blade, Whistler and Scud. The factual truth is exposed: the Reapers were the result of Damaskinos’ efforts to engineer a stronger breed of vampires. Damaskinos believes Nomak is Damaskinos’s very first Reaper. He believes he’s unfit to be a candidate because of the fact that he is unable to see light. Scud discovers that he is one of Damaskinos’ comrades however Blade knew that it was a vampire. He kills him using the explosive that he used on Reinhardt earlier. Damaskinos is planning to steal Blade’s blood to create an immunity sun, and create a brand new and completely invincible species of vampires. Whistler is able to escape Reinhardt by release Blade from near-drowning. Then Blade is thrown into Damaskinos’ blood pool to boost his strength. Blade fights his way through Damaskinos his henchmen, and eventually is defeated by Reinhardt.

Nomak is compelled into DamaskinosStronghold to take revenge on his father. Nyssa betrays Damaskinos through blocking their way to escape the heliport. Damaskinos is killed by Nomak after he fails to deal with Nomak. Nomak then attacks Nyssa drinking her blood. Blade and Nomak fight, and Blade is wounded by Nomak at the weakest point. After taking his revenge and determined to end the pain, Nomak kills himself with Blade’s sword. In order to fulfill Nyssa’s wish to die a vampire, Blade walks her out and embraces her while her body is beginning to break apart due to the sunrise


Blade 2 เบลด 2 (2002) นักล่าพันธุ์อมตะ

Blade 2


Blade2 2002



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