Gloria Bell 2018

Gloria Bell

Gloria Bell

Gloria Bell , a middle-aged divorcee, lives in LA. She has two children: Anne, a kindhearted yoga instructor as well as Peter who is a sluggish married man who cares for his newborn son when his wife is away. Gloria loves dancing in the city’s clubs in the evenings.

Arnold an ex-wife, is also there and she quickly gets to know her. They share a bed and start an intimate relationship soon after. Gloria is furious when Arnold acknowledges that he supports his ex-wife Gloria, and their two daughters, who are in a jobless state and extremely demanding. Arnold has a Paintball Arena and introduces Gloria.

Gloria presents Arnold as well as her family at Peter’s birthday celebration. Her guests include her children, Dustin, and his wife. In the toast, Gloria unwittingly reveals that Anne is pregnant. The father is an avid Swedish wave rider and she has plans to relocate to Sweden. Dustin was unaware of that these were facts. Then, they go through photographs of their family, including those from Gloria’s and Dustin’s wedding that brings laughter, but Arnold is not noticed and is not noticed. Dustin complains about not being present for some event in photographs, and the other members are shaken out of their trance. Everyone searches for Arnold until Gloria finds him absent. Gloria leaves embarrassed.

Arnold repeatedly calls her, and finally , he is able to catch her just as she’s leaving work. He attempts to justify his sudden departure by claiming that he looked for her eyes, but she mentions his daughters’ phone calls and advises him to “grow two”. She is trying to get him his paintball gun returned but he doesn’t want it. So she drives off with the gun.

Gloria is a crazed neighbor who leaves marijuana on her doorstep one night. She then smokes it, and then dances with it. She tearsfully accepts her daughter’s mature age and takes Anne to the airport to pick her up for her trip to Sweden the next day. Soon after, Gloria is told by her doctor that she’ll need to be prescribed eyedrops for the duration of her life to treat her declining eyesight.

Gloria finally answers Arnold’s calls, and they plan an excursion to Las Vegas. While they’re settling into their room, he receives a call from his daughters who inform the former wife that she injured herself walking through an open door. Arnold refuses cancelling the trip, and they go on sexual relations that night. They are spending their time together in fine restaurants, eating out and lounging at the pool. He doesn’t listen to his daughters’ demands. In a romantic meal Gloria suggests they go to Spain. He agrees and Gloria puts the phone in his soup. Arnold apologizes, saying that he’ll be back in a minute, but doesn’t show up. Gloria checks the wardrobe on the hotel room, and then goes to the casino. Gloria drunkenly drinks and socializes with random people, getting to know an individual and going on a hallucinatory experience. She awakes in a chair by the pool, with her shoes not there. Her mother calls to bring her home. Gloria Bell HD

Arnold calls her multiple times and she has to unplug her phone in response. She attempts to dispose of the paintball guns but she eventually finds them. She then drove to Arnold’s residence and fired at him silently. His ex-wife and daughters rush out shouting obscenities. However, she doesn’t seem to care and drives off, laughing at ” Total Eclipse of the Heart”.

Vicky, her friend’s daughter, starts playing “Gloria” at the wedding reception. Gloria refuses to dance but Vicky is able to convince her to make a change of mind. She is able to dance on the floor and begins to lose herself in the music.

Gloria Bell 2018



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